Add Some Color At Thanksgiving DinnerAdd Some Color At Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday and is celebrated by people of different backgrounds.  Often, the dinner table is the center of attention.  Why not decorate it in a unique way?  Add some color at Thanksgiving Dinner!

Determine whether you want the table to be formal or casual then choose your decorations based upon your style.  

A formal setting may consist of a silver turkey platter or fine china or perhaps double table runners.  Choose a solid autumn metallic color for the bottom runner and top it with metallic second runner that is narrower and shorter. Add a fabulous centerpiece and you have yourself one spectacular table.  

For a casual setting, choose fall colors for the tablecloth.  Add different colored stoneware plates such as one color for the soup or salad plates and a second color for the main dish.  Try alternating the colors for each plate setting. The napkins rings could be made out of drapery trims that match the table setting. An edible fruit arrangement would make the perfect centerpiece.

Let Gailani Designs take the guesswork out of dressing up your table for the holidays.  We offer custom tablecloths, napkins, plate-mates, and napkin rings for your special occasion.  Call us at 630-420-0800.