an old chest of drawers gets a facelift!

The Chest Before

Yes, we are the window treatment experts, but, we provide other design services as well!

I received a call from Mary, a good client from Naperville, who is debating whether to keep her bedroom set, which has sentimental value, or donate it.

I took a good look at the set. It is extremely well made and in perfect condition. It is a bit outdated, but that can be easily remedied!

We called Decorative Accents by Jo Ann, a faux finishing business out of Mokena, Illinois, for a consultation.

Jo Ann is an amazing artist. We make a good team and consult with each other frequently to create a totally new look for our customers, taking into consideration their design preferences and budgets.

Since Mary was in the process of re-decorating her daughter’s room, a decision was made. The furniture would be refinished and would find a new home in her daughter’s bedroom!

Melissa is a college student who comes home every few weeks to visit her parents. She enjoys a simple, modern style with clean lines. She does not like ornate furniture or the over-decorated look. She appreciates and is most comfortable in a room with uncluttered, elegant styling.

A dark finish was chosen to create a sharp contrast with the sky blue custom bedding. Simple and solid-looking hardware was the choice for the drawer pulls.

A custom upholstered headboard, a duvet cover, pillow shams, and decorative pillows were selected for the bedding. A refinished bedside table was the perfect size for the lamp. For the window treatment, a simple valance with side pleats and a few folds at the lower edge was most appealing for Melissa.

an old chest of drawers gets a facelift!

The Chest After

an old chest of drawers gets a facelift!

an old chest of drawers gets a facelift!

The overall look of the new bedroom. With the low ceiling height, a slim profile headboard was the most suitable choice.

Another piece of the bedroom set found a home in the guest bedroom. This lingerie chest was refinished in a very lovely textural finish. An alligator skin finish was applied to the face of the drawers, in gorgeous pale lime green and apricot. New hardware, and viola! A total new look!

Not only did we create a unique look that made Mary happy, but we avoided having to purchase new furniture. Instead, having that extra money helped Mary finish the rest of the home decorating project. Additionally, Mary was able to keep furniture that had sentimental value for the family.

 an old chest of drawers gets a facelift!

The Lingerie Chest Before

 an old chest of drawers gets a facelift!

The Lingerie Chest After