A stunning great room with a high window revealing a beautiful lake view behind. The client desire was to keep the window open as much as possible since they like the area to be bright and sunny. They like swags, and they desire was that the window treatment to be designed with the chandelier in mind. Also, they desire was to work with color scheme in their Persian rug and existing furnishing. The design of the draperies fulfilled their desire, the cascading swags were out of a textured drapery sheer fabric, the side drapery panels were farming the window and kept as much of it open. The side panels had two layered draperies, the first was out of interlined drapery silk, the second layer was out of the same sheer used in the swags, to create a cohesive design and tie the swags to the rest of the treatment. The silk panels provided the feeling of strength and solid weight to visually appear holding the upper swag part of the treatment. The drapery hardware was a challenge; it was hard to find the desired choice to bring the design as close as possible to the chandelier, therefore, a custom drapery hardware design had to be created to have the perfect match. Several pieces of wrought iron hardware from the Artigiani collection by Helser Brothers were selected to create the size and look of the hardware needed. High quality crystals were selected and arranged in a way to work perfect with the chandelier crystals and design. The client was stunned with the installed treatment.