Weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about drapery pleating, and specifically we discussed the more common pleats that you most frequently see in homes.

Now we’d like to describe some of the more unusual pleats that are available. The “fancier” pleats that we’ll talk about today add a special touch to the draperies and suggest the homeowner’s specific style –  and even convey to guests a bit of the homeowner’s personality.

The Ruched Heading

It can have one layer or several layers of gathered fabric, imparting a somewhat feminine feel to the room. Ruched headings can be used in any area to add a touch of whimsy to a space and make it less serious!

drapery with Ruched heading

The picture above shows drapery with Ruched heading, which works well with the petite, curved furniture, giving the room an overall feminine feel.

silk ruched panels

This close-up photo shows the beautiful silk ruched panels. We love the elegance and “fullness” of this silk panel.

Catridge pleats with Ruched ends

In the image below, an elongated catridge pleat has been used with ruched bottoms, giving this space a striking, elegant look.

Catridge pleats with Ruched ends

Scalloped and Cuffed Heading

This style of drapery heading has a tailored look that can be used to elegant effect in formal and casual settings alike.

Below is a good example of a casual cuffed heading. This particular project was designed for a French-style kitchen.

Scalloped and Cuffed Heading

Another example of a cuffed pleating is shown below. The photo below shows a relaxed cuff; one can use either scalloped or cuffed, depending on the look one wants to achieve.

cuffed pleating

Below is an example of scalloped heading.

scalloped heading

Goblet Pleats

The name describes how this pleat looks. It is similar to the Catridge pleats, except it is tacked at the bottom. The illustration below shows the Goblet pleating.

goblet pleats with a knotted cord

Drapery goblet pleats with a knotted cord


Drapery Goblet Pleats with banding

Drapery Goblet Pleats with banding

Other special, fancy drapery pleats

The possibilities for pleating are endless. Feel free to be creative when it comes to draperies. Be unique! Your designs can be the subject of conversation for guests and neighbors when they visit – and also be a delight for you every time you walk in the room!

fancy drapery pleats

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