dress a window in a niche

When you need to dress a window in a niche and there’s very little room for installation, wood blinds or shutters are a great solution!

The room in the illustration above was an actual project. As you can see, the room is very small. Our client needed a window treatment providing not only insulation and privacy, but one that also allowed her to let the light pour into the room when she wanted it bright.

Several options were presented to her:

  • Cellular shades, with high energy-saving qualities. The Hunter Douglas Architella cellular shade provides the option of top-down or bottom-up operation. Check out a Hunter Douglas video to see how the top-down feature allows the light in without losing privacy, and notice that one can have a fully open window when the shade is lifted all the way up. Another positive feature is that the headrail is small enough to allow easy installation inside the niche. Last, we considered that the wide variety of colors and fabrics available would fit any décor!
  • Energy-saving wood blinds were another option. They come in several slat sizes and finish options (painted finish or stained finish). Some blinds manufacturers even provide a custom paint option to match any wall or furniture paint. Another positive characteristic of wood blinds is that decorative tapes of different sizes and colors can be ordered to match the room décor. Review the video below to see the various options available on the market today. (insert link for wood blinds). Faux wood blinds are similar to wood blinds except that they’re made from synthetic materials, which vary from one manufacturer to the other.
  • Another option discussed was installing shutters. Available in 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, or 4.5-inch louvers with a variety of stain or paint options, shutters are insulative and can be installed directly to the windows if the space permits. (Alternatively, a frame can be built around the window where the shutters are installed within.) A center bar moves the louvers; for a more modern look, the louvers can be moved by hand without the center bar. Shutters provide insulation, privacy and semi-privacy when needed.

There are many options and the process can be confusing, but a window treatment expert can guide clients to make the right decision for their specific needs. For a free, no-obligation design consultation, call Susan at 630-854-9082 or send an email to susan@gailanidesigns.com.