Have you ever thought of dressing your chandelier with fabric shades?

Adding that extra touch with custom shades for any lighting can add a lot to any room. Custom shades for the lighting fixtures, can be made from the same fabrics used in your space or perhaps a coordinating fabric.

The styles of the shades can be very customized by pleating, layering, adding trimmings, or having an unusual shape of the shade itself.

Take a look at the chandelier, the custom shades has a chimney shape, covered with silk, and trimmed with feathers trim to add the whimsical elegant feel. The wall sconces has pleated custom shades in the same fabric with animal skin fabric. The fabric on the shades is a nice coordinate to the draperies.

Chandelier with custom shades.

Chandelier with custom shades.

Modern Draperies

Chandelier shade for a dining room. Barrel shade adds interest to the room.

The Chandelier above is barrel shaped, black silk to the out side and brushed silver on the inside. A crystal water fall flows from ceiling, through the shade and below,which creates a dramatic look. Notice the shadow inside the shade, it mimics the cut-out fabric of the draperies. notice the shadow on the ceiling it enhances the back of the chairs, that was intentional!

Lighting shades.

Beautiful sun room with a chandelier dressed with shades to coordinate with the drapery fabric.

Above notice the chandelier shades, they coordinate with the drapery fabric. The fabric on the shade is a french toile, so is the fabric of the draperies.

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