Reupholstering/Refurbishing Services

Gailani and Associates Interior Design will assist you in refreshing your furnishings to create a totally new look. We can update the appearance of your beloved furniture with creatively inspired re-upholstery, slipcovers, painting and refinishing techniques.
We carry thousands of heavyweight fabrics suitable for upholstery, decorative metal nail heads, imaginative wood appliqués, exquisite trims and other stylish embellishments that come together to illustrate your personal style.
Explore the many ways we can utilize color, faux finish painting, decorative painting, stencils and kitchen cabinet refinishing to create stunning new surroundings in your home.
We also provide fabric protection, including stain resistance/repellents, moisture repellents, and commercial grade fire protection applications.
At Gailani and Associates Interior Design, we partner with only the very best contractors in the industry to provide you with the best creative furnishing services.
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