How to be Creatively Artistic? Try a Feathered Valance

May 25, 2018

Creatively Artistic – A Feathered ValanceA young artist is the client of the month! She’s incredibly creative and expresses her artistic talent not only in painting, but she’s also an amazing dancer, she loves animals, and she has a collection of masks displayed on the wall representing the Central American culture.

The room was painted in deep blue, and the window looks out on a yard with many trees. That means there’s a backdrop of green for many months of the year.

The biggest challenges were that the room is dark, has no definition, and the design needed to appeal to my young client as a reflection of her artistic personality, her love of birds and animals of all varieties, and her love for the culture of Central America.

My design included a cornice that was made from three sections, the sides on the left and right projected out a bit forward from the middle section so that the drapery panels and cornices that framed the window resembled two columns. A few more project details follow:

  • A light blue fabric was used for the cornice to help create definition.
  • The two sides were embellished with real feathers that were inserted at the center line.
  • The deep red feathers draw attention because they pop out nicely and provide texture and visual appeal.
  • Printed linen panels were installed under the side cornices to provide further definition to the window.
  • The fabric was printed with feathers in different sizes and various colors of blues and aqua.

The finished product was unique in design and material selection. Our young artist was very happy. So happy, in fact, that her mother wrote a testimonial on Houzz, which I’m happy to share with you:

“I asked Susan to create a window treatment for my teenage daughter’s bonus room. The room lacked direction and theme. Susan took the time to really get to know my daughter and interviewed her to get a sense of her interests and desires. My daughter’s love of animals and art inspired Susan to create a window treatment that is a piece of art in itself. She incorporated beautiful feathers on a 3D valence! This room was once without direction but now is personalized and inspirational – exactly what my daughter wanted. Thank you, Susan!”

Creatively Artistic – A Feathered Valance

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