Bead Trim Possibilities are Endless!

May 25, 2018

Bead trims for window treatments are a little bit like the icing on the cake.  The possibilities are endless!

Just ask your Window Covering Design specialist to find high-quality, unique bead trims.

Bead trims surged in popularity several years ago and they are still in demand. With the wide variety available today, one can incorporate them into virtually any look: Traditional, modern/contemporary, formal, classic, casual, rustic, art deco – absolutely any look one is after!

Bead trims complement a room’s décor, regardless if they are at the edges of pillows, on the leading edge of a panel, or creatively sewn into a swag or jabot.

And just consider all the bead materials available: Crystal (even Swarovski crystal beads, which, incidentally, are stunning, but pricey!); glass; wood; acrylic; clay, and woven (they’re basically woven threads or yarns in the shape of knots or little balls). Beads come in fringes and tassels, short or long. Brimar, Inc. is one of the leading companies that provides a wide variety of beautiful trims.

When using trims, you might want to keep these tips and techniques in mind.

  • When creating a beaded swag-and-cascade treatment – especially when the beading on the trim measures more than one inch (and especially when the budget is tight) – apply it only to the lower edge of the swags and the lower edge of the cascade, and not necessarily for the total length of the cascade. This way, you are saving on the cost of the trim and reducing the amount of time spent applying it during fabrication.
  • The rule mentioned above applies to using the trim on the leading edge of panels. I recommend shorter beading over long beading (unless the client specifies long beading). When using long trims in a vertical manner, the beauty of the trim can be overlooked, because the beads will be hidden under one another – and the last two often dangle on the floor.
  • It is important to avoid bead trims if little children are frequently in the home, and pets (especially dogs) are also at risk. It is common knowledge that toddlers, young children and pets all gravitate toward playing with decorative items like beads, because of their colors and shapes, but they can pose a choking hazard.

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