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What to Expect at Your Installation by Gailani Designs

Drapery installations are not all the same. Customers will experience a wide range of quality of installation from designer to designer and installer to installer. That’s why, at Gailani Designs, we focus on the entire experience from the initial consultation through the installation and beyond. …

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Special Swag Draperies for a Home

Proposed window treatment for a residence in Oak Brook, IL This grand arched window for a home in Oak Brook, IL called for special treatment. There are many ways you can treat a dramatic window like this. In this instance, my client specifically wanted swags …

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Window treatments for arched windows

Window treatments for  arched windows need some planning ahead: Arched windows can be challenging when it comes to draperies or any window treatment. Some clients ask whether we need to start from above the arch and down, or we start under the arch. There is …

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Draperies for your Lake Forest home or Business 60045

Enhance Your Home or Business in Lake Forest, IL, With Beautiful Custom Draperies If you’re looking for new draperies that not only will serve a functional purpose but also will enhance the interior design of your home or office, turn to Gailani Designs Inc. An award-winning …

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Your master bath deserves beautiful draperies!

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary with custom draperies and more!   Feeling happy and contented with your space affects your productivity, relationships, communication, and even finances.  You, my dear clients, deserve love and pampering! Why not start with your bathroom? It’s a wonderful …

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Draperies for your Oak Brook home or Business 60523

Uniquely Beautiful Draperies for Home & Business Owners in Oakbrook, IL 60523 Nothing ties a room together quite like custom draperies from Gailani Designs Inc. Susan Gailani is an award-winning designer and stylist who has been providing home and business owners throughout the Oakbrook, Illinois, area …

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Draperies for your Oak brook home 60523

Draperies for your Oak brook home Are the curtains in your Oak brook home ordinary? Changing the draperies in any room can have a magical effect on the overall ambiance! I have witnessed countless transformations throughout my years in business, and customers are always delighted …

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