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Woven wood Shades

    Woven wood blinds, are gaining popularity in the Chicago land area! Here are three things you should know about woven wood blinds: They are woven from natural grasses, bamboo, and various reeds. That is why they are considered “green” window coverings because they …

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Embellishments! It can set the mood of your space!

Have you explored the vast verities of trims and embellishment out there in the market? There are literally thousands of different types of trims, domestically produced or imported from abroad. One must not under estimates the impact of trims, cords, buttons, and tassels can do …

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Add Interest to your custom cornices!

I have noticed that most of the houses I visit that have cornices are very ordinary and even sometimes boring! A cornice board can be stunning, and very unique! Below are some ideas to add more interest and beauty: Vary the textures, add various fabrics. …

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