Create the illusion of height and spaciousness with few decorating tips!

Dec 22, 2011

You have a low ceiling, or a small room?

Here are some tips to help expand the space:

  • Paint your walls, crown molding if any, and the ceiling all in one soft color.
  • Keep your draperies simple in the design; the fabric must not have a busy or over sized pattern. The background color of the fabric should be as close as possible to the walls color.
  • Keep your draperies as close as possible to the ceiling. That will give your room height.
  • Full drapery panels are recommended over valances, the length will add height.
  • As for pattern, vertical strips will be useful for the illusion of height.
  • Keep the room uncluttered, furniture to the minimum needed, and the walls with few art pieces.

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