Why Draperies are Artwork for Your Windows

Apr 01, 2020

Draperies are the artwork for your windows!

The way I look at window treatment is the artwork for your windows. Certainly, we need to cover our window for privacy or to reduce glare on the tv or to protect our flooring or furniture from fading.

Every window should be dressed with a window treatment that can be functional, and, at the same time, add beauty to the room and bring pleasure to the people living in it. It’s a missed opportunity not to do it!

The difference between a room that has nothing on the wall and a room that has art with colors and patterns, also how the art is displayed is significant.

The window treatment will surely bring any room to life and bring pleasure any time you look at it. It does not matter what style or how formal the room is, a creative designer will create the perfect look for any window and any room.

Create Artwork Out of Your Draperies Using These Tips:

  • The fabrics should work with the style of the treatments. For example, you can not use upholstery fabric on a swag treatment.
  • Make sure you vary the textures. Textures itself can add the touch the window needs
  • Pick your colors carefully and purposely. What is your goal? Make the window treatment pops? Do you want it to be the focal point? Do you want the room to look larger? Discuss your colors with your designer, the colors should work with the color scheme of your room.
  • Pay attention to the hardware, style, materials, finish, and size.
  • Embellishments, such as trims, braids, Tassels, buttons, beads, or a totally unique piece that is specifically created for you. You can be bold, or more subtle, again it all depends on the goal and what you want to achieve.
  • Finally, don’t let your windows be done as if you have a cookie-cutter, be different, unique, and have your windows screen this is ME!

If you are working with a designer, give her your budget, discuss your style, and give her the freedom to create a one of a kind window treatment that is totally you!

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