Drapery fabrics, what kind to select?

Jul 04, 2020


As an interior designer, I’ve helped decorate countless picture-perfect homes. But interior design is more about just creating a space that looks nice–it is about creating a home that people will live and create memories in. Clients with children or pets are often concerned about sacrificing practicality with functionality since they know that curtains will be tugged on, scratched, or stained over years of use. This is where performance fabrics come in–they’re durable, versatile, and beautiful, so you can design a home that suits your style and your family! 


Why should I invest in performance fabrics?

The defining feature of performance fabrics is their ability to withstand stains. Curtains, like all household decorations, face wear and tear. Curtains near open windows can gather dirt or debris from outside, and indoor curtains are often subject to unexpected spills or accidents by little kids and pets. Performance fabrics ensure that you won’t need to replace your curtains whenever this happens. These fabrics naturally repel stains, and spills can be easily removed with a damp towel or upholstery cleaner. Clients are always shocked when they find out how simple it is!


How do I clean them?

For light spills, just wet a cloth or paper towel with water and blot away the stain. If the stain or spill is darker or more deeply set, use a wet towel with some mild soap to gently wash away the stain. You can also use a household cleaner or upholstery cleaner to get rid of the stain, but there’s no need to buy anything that you don’t already have at home!


Where can I use them?

Anywhere! If you’re thinking about white or cream-colored curtains, performance fabrics are a solid choice. The material will help you maintain the elegant, polished look of your curtains and make the most difficult of stains easy to remove–even red wine! Because these fabrics are heavier than most draperies, they help create a formal, tailored look for any room. This style typically works best in family rooms, living rooms, or dining rooms, but we can adjust to suit your needs and personal taste!

Sheer drapery fabric


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