Dress your windows and decorate your room now!

May 25, 2018

I wish I knew how many times I’ve heard from clients who are selling their homes, that once they updated their “look” to encourage a quicker sale, they realized how beautiful their home is and regret that they didn’t start years ago to enjoy its beauty.

Don’t let that happen to you. Start your decorating projects sooner rather than later. Don’t keep putting it off; enjoy the best your home has to offer – now, not someday. We live only once, so make every moment count and surround yourself with beauty and style. (That said, I do understand that sometimes a limited budget gets in the way and financing a decorating project can be a burden.)

When I work with clients, we discuss budget early on – usually during the first phone call – which helps them set priorities and guides me in finding the perfect design for their space.



Keep in mind a few tips to help you start your “update the home” project:

  • Plan and prioritize. You will not feel the pressure financially or emotionally if you tackle one small area at a time.
  • Select your style. Look through magazines and design books to help you decide what you like and don’t like. Put together a “style board,” mark pages in books and magazines, or put photos of what you like in a folder to help you decide your color scheme and your style. Then start thinking about fabrics and paint colors.
  • Paint is last not first. Many people think they should paint first, but it’s so much easier to select paint colors after you have found fabrics you love than it is to find the right fabric to match your walls.
  • Throw away or donate items that you don’t use. Clutter detracts from the beauty of any room. I (and most designers) can help you decide what to keep and what to toss or donate.
  • Start with furniture. I’ve learned from working with clients for more than 20 years that furniture is the firm foundation on which you can build that special look and feel. After replacing or upgrading furniture, add window treatments and flooring. And last – like icing on a cake or a big bright bow on a gift – add accessories to personalize your rooms.
  • When working with a design pro, discuss what you But you should also be open to ideas from a different perspective and be open about your budget. Open communication helps you achieve your dream home.