Factors that can affect how you feel!

Jun 09, 2020

There are a few factors that can affect how you feel in any space:


It may be subtle, but the light is one of the biggest factors that affect your mood and demeanor. For example, offices with high windows let in a lot of natural light, which helps provide the energy and zeal one needs to get through a workday at home. You can also work with your window covering designer to help you select a shade that minimizes the amount of glare on your screen. 

Bedrooms, on the other hand, are a different story. Getting ample sleep in a cool, dark setting has been proven to affect productivity during the day, so it’s important to invest in darkening or blackout shades to maintain an ideal resting environment.

In rooms with hard to reach windows, like the ones near the kitchen sink area, a battery-powered stick is an easy solution to lower or raise your shade with a light touch. Bathroom windows over the tub also can be motorized with a remote or switch for convenience. If you’re really looking to be tech-savvy, you can even program your shades to operate on their own at certain times of the day or when you’re away. For example, we can program your shades to rise with the sunrise or open the patio Luminette at the exact sunset so you can enjoy a beautiful view after dinner.


Sounds are an essential part of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but sometimes they can disrupt the calm ambiance you want in a home. Busy streets or railroad tracks for example can make it hard to get to sleep when you have an early morning the next day. One solution is to have an upholstered wall, which is a stunning piece of decor that also reduces noise. Additionally, draperies with heavy interlining like six-ounce 100% cotton flannels not only block out noises, but they also help conserve energy. These fabrics can conserve heat by 25% in the winter and reduce heat gain in summer by up to 33%–your energy bill will thank you! Bump is another material that can cut noise and save energy. When used, it acts like a blanket wrapped around your window and works best for high ceilings to balance out the heaviness.

Art: Selecting a piece of art is an art in itself. Not every piece of art is appropriate for any space, and when we select art, we need to consider the subject matter in addition to the size and shape of the work. Scenic pieces with calm seas, flowers, or photos of good memories are great choices for your home.

Tactile sense: It’s important that each room in your house have a variety of complementing textures to stimulate the tactile sense. Pillows, blankets, or throws in materials such as faux furs, satin, or velvets are a great way to add some flair to a uniformly textured room. Draperies are another way to incorporate texture–imagine luxury fabrics of silk, raw silk, quality linens, or elegant sheers, on your windows. WOW, what a feeling! I highly recommend experimenting with textures that bring good feelings or put you in a positive mood.

Bringing in elements of nature indoors: Plants, indoor trees, or flowers can be refreshing and uplifting in any home. If you struggle to water your plants regularly, try low maintenance additions such as spider plans or fake flowers from your local craft store.

Olfactory sense: Pleasant smells have different effects on different people. Whether it is flowery, fruit-driven or spice, choose candles and aromatics which reflect your personality and put you in a good mood when you enter your home! 

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