Is Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays?

May 25, 2018

Is Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays?If you’re planning to celebrate the holidays this year with guests from out of town, ask yourself if your guest room is ready for guests.

Often we decorate our guest rooms for couples, but sometimes it happens that our guest is a single guy or gal. How do we decorate a guest room that is both Venus- and Mars-Friendly?

Consider a few gender-neutral ideas when decorating your guest room:

  • Colors: You have probably heard that it’s best to keep colors neutral, but that does not mean that you must stick to shades of white, cream or beige.  Neutral, in this case, means selecting colors that will appeal to both genders. For example, deep teal, burnt orange, brick red, and royal blue are colors that work well for both genders.
  • Patterns: Avoid patterns that might suggest one gender over the other. For example, avoid florals and car and motorcycle themes.  Having a tone-on-tone leaf pattern or geometric is preferable – or even birds, animal skins or stripes.
  • Styles: Using a style that appeals to both genders is important. For example, instead of using ruffles, use cording or banding, and use flanged pillows over pillows with ornate bead trim.
  • Textures: Mixing various textures is always a good idea. Use some soft textures that are pleasant to the touch – think chenille. And think about Egyptian cotton for bedsheets. Faux fur works so well for modern rooms – it’s very much in vogue now. The “feel” of comfort appeals to everybody – men or women, young or old.
  • Bedding: Quality, bed sheets, and towels will show guests that they are important, welcomed, and cared for. There is nothing like the feel of crisp new sheets and lush new towels. I recommend custom bedding like duvet covers, comforters and all the accessories needed to finish the bed. Also, having custom window treatment, perhaps with room darkening option is a good idea
  • Works of art:  Abstract art, nature scenes, photography, and art that is neither too masculine nor too feminine ensures that guests feel welcome. Keeping the frames simple and “unfussy” helps ensure both genders feel at home.
  • Furnishings: If you have furnishings that are ornate or gently curved, suggesting a feminine style, consider a custom upholstered headboard to offset the feminine style. Or, vice versa, if you have a masculine set of furniture, add a few pieces with curves and feminine touches to soften the overall look.

It is always a good idea to have a couple of different sets of pillows, some with decorative elements that suggest one gender or the other. This way you can decide which set to put out, depending on who is visiting – or use a combination if a couple is staying in the room.

Is Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays? Is Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays?