Living Room, with style and elegance!

Feb 06, 2012

This Naperville, Dupage county, living room got a face lift! The client request was to change the room from a very traditional, formal living room, to a transitional, not too formal, with style, elegance and a room that is easy to use for every day living!

We started with selecting the fabrics, the draperies and furniture style, and picked a paint color.  A warm yellow paint replaced the out dated faux finish of the walls, the ceiling got a soft linen white that went well with the walls color,the drapery transitional paisley print, the linen material, the colors, all has contributed to the beauty and serenity of the room.

The number one factor that added to what the client was after,was the drapery design. Two layers of fabric, the paisley layer on top of a second layer of  linen sheers, gave the draperies that feel of a relaxed look. The pleats also had an impact on the overall look. Part of the pleats in the linen fabric was speaking through from under the main body fabric. The cluster of buttons in a rich,warm red, place on the sheers, has truly given the drapes, feel of whimsy!

The drapery hardware from the RM coco company, the deco collection, so beautiful and affordable it was the perfect addition.

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