Motorized window treatment, for your home or office, Burr Ridge IL

Jul 20, 2019

Motorized window treatment, is the best option for your home or office, in Burr Ridge IL

Having motorized window treatments whether it is for your home or your office in Burr Ridge, is a great idea. Imagine, you can ask Alexa or Google to open and close your window treatment while you are still in bed, or working at your desk in your office. 

“Hey Alexa, can you open the shades?” It’s no secret that we live in the generation of smart homes. Whether it’s using Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Hub, or Bluetooth lightbulbs, we’re so accustomed to having the technology to make our lives easier. The mere concept of plugging in an audio jack has become rustic.


But what does the rise of smart technology mean for the interior design world? Fortunately, automation has not undermined the value of this art form. In fact, modern interior designers like myself have become well versed in integrating technology with diverse aesthetics. One of the easiest ways to make designs more convenient is through motorized window treatments.


Motorized window treatments can serve a variety of functions for your home and the people in it. Below are some ways you might benefit from this technology:


Accessibility: High windows can be a tough fix for window treatments. Although installing the blinds or curtains is simple, opening and closing a hard-to-reach window can be a constant hassle for the client post-installation. With motorized treatments, all it takes is the touch of a button. This option is also great for individuals with wheelchairs or limited mobility. 


Safety: Corded blinds can be a safety risk for households with small children. The small pieces are a choking hazard, and it is easy for a child to strangle themselves without parent supervision. With cordless motorized blinds, parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is safe.


Security: Leaving home for vacation? With motorized window treatments, you can open and close your blinds no matter how far you’re traveling to make it seem like your family is still home. Motorization is also a convenient way to make sure your windows are closed after leaving the house. 


As you can see, there is no single demographic that motorized window treatments serve. Whether you’re a part of a family or live alone, investing in automated window treatments might be an ideal option for your needs. From blinds to curtains to shades, the options are endless. Who said smart homes couldn’t be personalized?


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