Roller and screen shades, drapery panels, Roman shades and more!

May 25, 2018

Since it is the beginning of the year, perhaps some of you might be thinking of redesigning your homes or finally taking on that long-planned project that you still haven’t tackled.

Allow me to share a few ideas for updating your windows. It’s amazing how new window treatments can give a room a whole new look and feel – even if they’re the only change you make in the room. (Of course, redesigning the whole room is amazing, too!)

Here’s a short preview of the latest trends in the window covering industry:


  1. Roller and solar shades: We’ve seen an increase in the use of shades – especially in the city, where they imbue the room with a hip urban look. Roller shades have come a long way since we saw them at Grandma’s house. Today, there are so many fabrics, headers, lifting systems and variations in opacity that the possibilities seem endless!

  1. The use of nail With such a wide variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes, nail heads are being used on cornices, bed headboards, and furniture – especially benches. We’re seeing an increase in the use of diamond-like stones, colorful rhinestones, mother of pearl and other unique materials.
Beautiful cornice with crystal nail heads for a client in Burr Ridge Illinois



2 Drapery panels are still the most popular treatment for windows. Printed and coordinated bands are popular, and many people are adding creative headings to give the draperies their own unique look.


4 Roman Roman shades are still very popular. especially the classic look. We’re frequently seeing sheer Roman shades with solid-fabric banding around the outer edges.

5 Decorative Many hardware companies are coming up with amazing styles in metal, acrylic, and resin. The trend is modern, with clean lines, rather than traditional.


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