5 Ways to Enhance Your Home During the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home-Order

Apr 20, 2020

There’s no doubt we’re bored at home due to the current situation with the COVID -19 pandemic. Our homes should be a place of sanctity, a place to focus on what is essential and what makes us happy and comfortable.

Many of us are working from home, and one area that certainly needs to be comfortable as well as functional is a home office. Here are some suggestions for creating the home office that keeps you clear-headed and productive:

  • Keep an organized and clean desk to be productive. And spoil yourself on some new desk accessories for motivation!
  • Make the space feel happy. One simple change, like a new wall color, could make the biggest difference. Dedicate one weekend for painting your office in a beautiful, warm color that appeals to you and helps you feel productive.
  • Pamper yourself with motorized shades. The shades are so convenient. Once you have them, you’ll want more motorized shades in your home, and perhaps even more windows! With a push of a button or voice command, you can raise or lower your shades to control glare that can distract you while you’re trying to work.
  • If you add a simple valance to your window, it will bring cheer and will be a massive transformation to your office.
  • Finish the look with plants, artwork, and framed photos that coordinate with your office furnishing style.

Contact us now for a virtual appointment. We’ll make it fun and easy! Swatches and fabric samples can be sent directly to your home, and we will go from there!