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You Can Expect More From Us Than Any Other Interior Design Firm

  • Phone call before your visit. Your Certified Consultant will call to confirm your appointment and get acquainted. By inquiring about your project and learning about your personal and design interests, your consultant will carefully consider your needs before you even meet! And he/she will bring products of interest to you.
  • Arriving at your home. When your consultant arrives, you won’t see samples right away. First, your consultant will get to know more about you and your family’s lifestyle and will consider your décor needs. You’ll know you’ve made the right choice with Gailani Designs!
  • Big picture first. Other rooms count, too. Your overall plans for your home affect the choice for each window solution. You may have thought of window treatments only in terms of light control and privacy for one particular room, but window treatments can enhance your entire home and even affect your family’s mood. We may take extra time to learn your ideas about other rooms. In doing so, we’ll do a better job in the end, and there’s never a cost for us to know more about YOU!
  • Your ideas. What have you seen and what do you like? Before we show you products or suggest treatment ideas, we will ask about yours. Have you visited any stores, seen any window products on TV or at a friend’s home that you really like? Do you have magazine clippings or web pages that caught your eye? Only then will we show you the products of most interest to you.
  • Reliability and guarantees. We’re proud of our quality and reputation, the brands we represent, and the customers we’ve pleased – some, probably right in your neighborhood. We’ll show you photos and information in our personal portfolio. After learning more about us and our high standards, you’ll understand why we have so many satisfied customers! (See our “21 Points of Peerless Customer Service Standards” for details)
  • Your personal window solution. Once we know the styles you like and design treatments you’re contemplating, we’ll sketch a custom solution or browse color photos to identify what best suits both your needs and your personal style. With careful consideration, you’ll enjoy your good decision for years.
  • Comfortable budget. If you have a budget in mind, we’ll work within it to give you the most beautiful windows for your money. If you are uncertain, we will suggest an estimate range for the product and treatment designs you’ve selected. When we concur on your design and your investment ideas, we’ll bring samples, styles, colors, and fabrics from our vast selections to find the ones that were made for you!

Contact Gailani Designs or call (630) 420-0800 to schedule an appointment.

“Susan is amazing, She is creative, cares about her clients, true professional, would use her service again and again, and feel confident to refer her to my family, friends and client base!”

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“Susan is an amazing professional. She designed two elegant valances for my living and dining rooms. I wanted simple, and she did that with a bit of zing I would not have thought of! I will definitely be using her for future projects. Her installer is excellent as well. She is a wealth of additional professional resources such as framing artwork. Prices were well within my budget. You will love Susan!”

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