Real Estate Staging/Enhancement
Sold on Sight (S.O.S) Services: Gailani Designs helps homeowners prepare their houses for sale by making them more attractive and appealing to prospective buyers, resulting in quicker sales and perhaps even higher profits.

“Living in a house that was too small for my family was the least of our problems. The train tracks running behind our house really made us want to move. Knowing that our neighbors had their home on the market for over 400 days made selling ours seems impossible. That’s when we met Susan. I went to my friend’s home and asked her who had decorated it so beautifully. She told us about Susan Gailani and how she works her magic turning houses into homes. We knew we had to call her to stage our house. Our neighbors even knocked on our doors just to take a tour of the house. Our realtors were amazed, saying that we would sell in less than six months.

Lo and behold, we sold in less than three, with a slow economy and stagnant real estate market! Not only did we sell the house, but the buyers bought all the furniture and accessories inside! We know that without Susan’s help, we would never have been able to sell.” ~ S.K. from Lisle, IL
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“Susan is amazing, She is creative, cares about her clients, true professional, would use her service again and again, and feel confident to refer her to my family, friends and client base!”

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“I found Susan through Houzz and the reviews were spot on. Susan is lovely to work with and helped me select the fabric that created the exact look I wanted. The workmanship on the blackout draperies was flawless.”

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