Sheer Draperies, tips and ideas!

Jun 27, 2019

Sheer draperies, tips, and ideas:


Since I started my business in 1992, I have installed hundreds of sheer drapery treatments. The variety of sheer fabrics available today allows our clients to select what they love and within the price range, they are comfortable with. Here are some points to consider when selecting sheers for your windows.

  • How much privacy do you want for your room? Some sheers are thick enough to cover the window without cutting too much of the light coming in.
  • How high are your windows? Most sheer fabrics are 118” wide, which means that you can go to up to 112” or more without a seam. Seamless draperies look smoother and cleaner than seams, providing a more polished look overall.
  • If you can‘t avoid the seams, don’t fear! Seams can be hidden within the pleats of your curtains. For example, if you are having a ripple fold treatment, the seams can be made to fall to the back of the fold.
  • For ripple fold draperies, always use transparent tape. White tapes will stand out awkwardly unless you have a plain white sheer. The same thing applies to pleated draperies— a see-through crinoline is the best way to go.
  • For high windows, avoid using pure polyester fabrics, as they have the tendency to flare out more than polyester blends. To remedy flaring, make sure to add enough weight at the hems of your curtains
  • If using stripes, keep in mind that it’s hard to show all the colors in the fabric. Contrasting stripes often get lost in the folds. If that look is not preferred, you may need to purchase extra fabric and spend more on labor with regular draperies.
  • When using sheers with draperies, the sheer layer will always be half an inch to one inch shorter than the subsequent layers.
  • Consider European hems! They look really neat and if you are searching for seamless draperies, European hems add extra inches to the length, helping you achieve seamless panels for taller windows.

When in doubt, it’s always is a good idea to consult the experts!

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Sheer draperies with a cornice.
Sheer draperies with ripple fold pleats
Sheer draperies in a Naperville Kitchen