Special Swag Draperies for a Home

Mar 19, 2020

Proposed window treatment for a residence in Oak Brook, IL

This grand arched window for a home in Oak Brook, IL called for special treatment. There are many ways you can treat a dramatic window like this. In this instance, my client specifically wanted swags treatment. He wanted a sense of luxury and poise. He wanted a look of a palace with all its galore.

Here’s how we started the swag draperies design process:

  • Start above the large middle arch
  • Create symmetry since the window is symmetrical
  • Create a cascading effect
  • Create a layering effect
  • Find fancy hardware
  • Select fabrics that drape well–it lends itself to creating fluidity to support the design
  • Combine more than one fabric–it will bring definition to the swags, cascades, and panels
  • Find exceptional trim that is substantial; this way it can be seen from below and it will work well with the proportions of the treatment and the window itself
Swag Drapery Treatment in Oak Brook, Illinois Home
The preliminary design for swag drapery treatment in Oak Brook IL
Swag drapery treatment in Oak Brook, Illinois luxury home
Here it is! the finished project, What do you think?


The fabric selection was very beautiful, especially when we were using a combination of burned velvet with silk! The central swag, the cascades, and the panels, all were made from the burned velvet. The other swags and the lining of the cascades were made out of silk. The hardware was selected from the Paris Texas collection.

The client was impressed with the preliminary design, and once he saw the fabrics and how they coordinate together, he was very happy.

I was thrilled to see how happy our client was!

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