The I pad, what is in it for the drapery client!

May 25, 2018

You might think, what’s in it for me?

Well, a lot! I can see many benefits to my customers, her are some:

  • show them hundreds, if not thousands of photos, with out going back and forth to the van to get more books. You can see pictures, or videos of different products, the feel they can produce in a room with out carrying product in your home.
  • take a picture of your window and sketch right over it to show you different possibilities.
  • Order samples, fabric swatches, paint samples and so on, in seconds before even the designer leaves your home.
  • All the pricing are stored in, that will speed up the order, and eliminate the multiple visits.
  • Pictures can be taken of your surrounding, to be kept in your file for future reference, with all dimensions, and information needed to process the order, or for the future orders.
  • A picture of your rugs or fabrics can be taken to find the perfect paint in a mater of seconds.

These are some benefits, and there are many more that will cut both the clients time and the designer and make the order go smooth from start to finish

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