Creative Valance Designs on a Budget

May 06, 2020

The entire planet is going through the pandemic and stuck at home. There is much uncertainty about the economy and its recovery. Many are delaying purchases out of fear we may not cover quickly, and need cash for a rainy day.

The challenge for most of us stuck at home is that we see the flaws in our environment, whether it’s a lack of design, comfort, etc. We have heard from many of our clients stuck at home that they are very interested in refreshing their window treatments.

If budget is an issue, we can simplify the window treatment to make it affordable. Now is an excellent time to redecorate your home and still stay with a modest budget. The reality is, when we remain at home, we need to make our environment comfortable and pleasing.

We have created beautiful valance for many Naperville Clients:

  • Choose fabrics that are not too costly, there are so many fabrics that are very reasonably priced, kinds of cotton, polyesters, linen poly mix, in prints, stripes, or woven, or you can ask your designer if there are any discontinued fabrics available, sometimes when the fabric is discontinued they go on clearance and the price get discounted. An alternative to full-length panels is to create beautiful valances. With the gorgeous fabrics considered as entry-level and very affordable that are creative look without breaking the bank
  • Ask your designer for inexpensive hardware, you will be surprised at how many companies that have dedicated a line or two as entry-level or economy hardware.
  • To save even more, you can eliminate the hardware, and have the valance be mounted on a wood board, they usually cost less.
  • Choosing a style that is not labor-intensive. Pleated, flat, shirred with lesser fullness is usually are good styles and does not require heavy labor.
  • You can still add the personal touch here and there, a contrast cord, inserting a contrast fabric in the pleat, or adding a few buttons on the sides of the valance or the middle, that will make it so personalized and unique.
  • Choose an economy lining, it will still enrich the look and will save you a bit.
  • If you are a handy person, you can install it your self with our instructions and you will save on the installation.

I have helped so many clients in the city of Naperville

Clients in Naperville always mention to me that they find it interesting how I can add a zing to a simple design.

A valance with simple clean lines.


Work with us:

The beauty is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your window treatment! Work with us, and we will guide you through selecting the very best choices within a set budget.

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