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Feb 17, 2020

Have you considered having custom shades for your home in Burr Ridge? Custom shades are one of the most sought after treatments nowadays. Since there are so many styles, types, and options, our clients feel the need for guidance to assist in choosing the right shades for their homes.

Why Burr Ridge, IL Homes:

We get many calls from Burr Ridge, IL and it’s surrounding areas, windows in those areas are seldom an average size, most are custom windows that need special attention and careful designing. Custom window covering whether it is shades or any other window treatment has been our specialty since 1992. We have been working with our clients very closely to understand their needs and provide them with the best quality shades. 

What types of shades do we recommend?

It is hard to suggest to you, one type might be preferred over the other, each client might have different needs, budget, and the type of window might dictate the style, that is if there are some features that might prevent us from recommending one over the other. 

Here are different styles to select from:

There are so many types of shades to select from, each type has there features and benefits to enable you to select the perfect one for your home:

  • Cellular shades: There are many types of cellular and also, many features and applications, it all depends on your needs and what works best in your setting. The Cell size varies in size from 3/8″ of an inch to 2″, when you have a tiny window you might want to select the small cells to be in proportions with the size of the window. Also, there are single cells or double cells for extra energy saving. There are operating options to select from, top-down, bottom-up, cordless for child and pet safety, and the motorized shades that are growing in demand for their convenience. The motorized shades can be powered by battery or it can be wired, it can be integrated with your internet and you can operate it from anywhere in the world. https://gailanidesigns.com/5-benefits-of-cellular-shades-or-honeycomb-shades/
  • Screen Shades, or roller shades: Those shades have come a long way since the time of our parents in the 50s’, today there are stunning fabrics to select from, beautiful headrail options, and many operating systems to select from.
  • Roman shads: The sky is the limit when it comes to Roman shades! You can select from flat shades, semi-flat, knife-edged, hobbled, waterfall and many more styles. You can lift them with standard cords, cordless or motorized.  Also, there are other shades available like Austrian shades, Baloon shades, and Perma pleat shades available.

When it comes to working with Gailani Designs, you can only expect extra-ordinary designs, products, and services.  Our clients are in good hands when selecting Gailani Designs to work with. Your home in Burr Ridge, IL deserves working with Susan Gailani and her experienced seamstresses, installers and all service individuals that Susan’s select. 

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