What to Expect at Your Installation by Gailani Designs

Mar 22, 2020

Drapery installations are not all the same. Customers will experience a wide range of quality of installation from designer to designer and installer to installer.

That’s why, at Gailani Designs, we focus on the entire experience from the initial consultation through the installation and beyond.

When the time comes to install the finished project, whether it is draperies, shades, shutters or any window treatment, including motorized blinds, you can depend on the Gailani designs team. We hire only the cream de la cream when it comes to installers. When we hire our installers, we make sure that they have years of experience, a construction background, and are certified and insured.

We have the highest standards for our installers. They are to have the utmost respect for our clients and their homes. They need to have shoes that are used for the inside of the home only and have a drop cloth where they put their tools and the products that need to be installed. They measure twice and cut once, to make sure no mistakes take place and screws are placed mistakingly in the wrong place. We’re human, so mistakes can happen, and we always take full responsibility to take care of it quickly.

We never leave a home or a commercial place unclean. We often wipe the floor clean or vacuum. We take all leftover boxes for recycling and all debris to dump. We make sure our clients’ homes are left sparkling clean. The goal is to leave clients worry-free so that all they need to do is enjoy their home with new spectacular window treatments.

Unfortunately, not all design companies and installers think this way.

Susan Gailani attends most of her installations to ensure that all goes well. If Susan can not make it for some reason or another, she will call the client and asks if they were happy. Most times, if not all, she would drive to the client’s home or office to inspect the installation of her self.

It is always a pleasure to serve our clients to the highest level, and exceed their expectations.

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man installing drapes at event space
Man installing drapes