Window treatments for arched windows

Feb 27, 2020

Window treatments for  arched windows need some planning ahead:

Arched windows can be challenging when it comes to draperies or any window treatment. Some clients ask whether we need to start from above the arch and down, or we start under the arch. There is no right or wrong answer, it is all about preferences and what would look the best for that specific window or the room. The draperies that start from above the arch tend to be more formal, also, they tend to be traditional or transitional in style more so than the ones that start under the arch, somehow, they give a more casual feel. Going above the arch can create height and that will draw the eye up, in this case, would be a benefit especially if you have an architectural detail you want to bring attention to.

Draperies for an arched window
The arched window in this entryway was dressed from the top of the arch. It helps to draw the eye toward the corbel above.


How to dress your arched windows with gorgeous draperies:

  • Sometimes we dress the arched window in a way to let more light in, therefore the fabric of the drapery is usually pulled to the side to create an exquisite look, also, pulling the fabric to the sides creates drama and luxury while allowing more light to enter the room.
  • You can install stationary side panels one on each side of the window, starting all the way from the top of the arch to the side of the window. This style is perhaps a bit more economical, you will be cutting on labor and using less fabric, it can have a modern or a traditional style, it depends on your fabric and hardware selection, it will enhance the height of the window, and you can control how much light to allow in by moving the panel closer to the center of the window or moving them more to the sides. With this style, you could embellish the panels with trims or by being creative with the style of the pleats, also, with this style you can have the panels hang from two side rods that are installed independently, or one continues rod, or you can hang the panels from medallions, in many cases, we install the panels without any hardware, in this case, the panels will be mounted on boards and the boards are nicely covered and hidden.  you can contact us for your complimentary consultation

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Arched window with side panels that starts from above the arch
Side panels on each side of the window
A side panel pleated creatively and embellished
A side panel with pleating that is embellished with Crystals.

Be creative with your selections:

Creativity is endless, the selections of different hardware, fabrics, and embellishments are vast, it is important to share your thoughts with your designer, she or he will go over what you are looking for, she /he will discuss your budget, then based on what share with her/him she will create several options for you, naturally, you

will select the one that you will fall in love with!

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