How to Style Woven Wood Shades

Sep 06, 2019

Keeping it Natural: How to Style Woven Wood Shades


One of the best parts of living in the Midwest is watching the beautiful change of seasons throughout the year. Illinois, in particular, is home to several species of trees–from elegant crimson maples to towering evergreen pines. Amidst our busy lives, it gets harder and harder to enjoy the natural beauty around us, which is why it’s nice to bring a little bit of nature into our homes.


Woven wood blinds are a natural, eco-friendly, and versatile way to bring a more organic style to your windows. They come in a variety of colors and textures, which makes it easy to coordinate them with your wood floors. Additionally, woven woods offer excellent ventilation and protection from UV rays which may otherwise damage your furniture.

Below are some tips for incorporating wovens woods into different parts of your home:


Kitchens and Dining rooms: Contemporary kitchens are all about simplicity, and woven wood blinds are a graceful, chic addition to your cooking or dining area. White or grey kitchens typically look better with lighter colored grasses and reeds, while more bold kitchen or dining room colors call for more earthy shades. After installation, your windows will look as fresh as the food that you’re about to serve.








Bedrooms: Woven wood blinds work best for bedrooms with solid or neutral tones, and are being selected to compliment wood-grain furniture. If you like to keep your bedroom dark, you can also opt to pair your woven woods with blackout liners, which will block out sunlight during the day. 


Living rooms: The greatest asset of woven woods in the living room is their ability to add texture to an otherwise soft, neutral space. The organic touch of these shades looks great with houseplants and can create a more airy, peaceful vibe. The best part? Wood shades are easy to clean, so forget about daily dusting!

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